Sales & Brokerage

When it comes to selling your aircraft, experience matters. CAS has years of experience with almost every type of aircraft. Whether you need to sell your Cessna 182 Skylane or a Gulfstream GV, we know the market and what to do because we have been there and done that before.

Experience matters.

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Acquisition & Buyers Service

Thinking of buying an aircraft?

What about type, model, cost of operation, speed, range and of course, cost? It is a balancing act to find the right aircraft. We have helped dozens of owners and companies do just that.

Know what you want?

We can use our resources and experience to find the best available aircraft. Let CAS find an aircraft to fit your needs.

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Surveys & Appraisals

Need an aircraft appraisal?

Financial Institutions and operators from all over the country have relied on our experience to evaluate all types of aircraft, including helicopters.

We evaluate aircraft book values, market value conditions, damage history, and maintenance status to give a fair and accurate value of an aircraft. If you need more info, reach out to us below.

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