Sales & Brokerage

Experience matters.

When it comes to selling your aircraft, experience matters. Canton Aircraft Sales has years of experience with almost every type of aircraft. Whether you need to sell your Cessna 182 Skylane or a Citation X, we keep tabs on the market and know what to do because we have been there and done that before. Canton Aircraft Sales works to ensure maximum exposure for aircraft listings & manages the entire sales process, from initial listing to final transaction, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

Acquisition & Buyers Service

Thinking of buying an aircraft?

What about type, model, cost of operation, speed, range and of course.. cost? Whether you know what model of aircraft you want or not, It is a balancing act to find the right aircraft.. and Canton Aircraft Sales assists buyers in finding the perfect aircraft to meet their needs. Our proactive approach involves actively seeking potential aircraft from multiple sources, leveraging our extensive industry connections and market knowledge. Our mission is to save customers time and money by providing unparalleled service and expertise throughout the acquisition process.

Need an aircraft appraisal?

Get a fair and accurate value of your aircraft.

Canton Aircraft Sales offers expert aircraft appraisal services, providing unbiased opinions on the value and condition of aircraft. The appraisal process includes a thorough review of maintenance records, an onsite assessment of the aircraft’s interior and exterior, and a detailed valuation summary. Our appraisers adhere to high standards, ensuring accurate and reliable valuations. Financial Institutions and operators from all over the country have relied on our experience to evaluate all types of aircraft, including helicopters.

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